Car Rental Accesories & Equipment

Our Company Kafetzakis Rental Car Services , besides the new and well maintained cars also provides you with car rental accesories & equipment. For example, road map, GPS, and additional driver as well as the appropriate seats for the safety of your children! These are the types of seats we provide, and depending on the age of the children you can choose the appropriate one.

Infant Car Seat (0-1 years old) free

Baby Car Seat (1-3 years old) free

Booster Car Seat (4-7 years old) free

GPS 5,00€/day

Second Driver free

Crete Road Map Free of Charge

Please feel to choose from our car rental accesories and equipment section the one you prefer. Selection options are availabe at the reservations area. It will be shown to you right after you choose the car you prefer. In case you choose seat and you realize that doesn’t fit your baby/children, we will change it with the right one. In addition, this ensures you not only a safe trip, but also carefree and enjoyment. You can choose as many seats you need, from a big variety. Furthermore, book your car now, choosing from Kafetzakis Car Rental our fleet and enjoy our free cancellation policy. In addition we provide full insurance, 24/h road assistance, as well as children seats without extra charge.

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